About Us
Coburg Engineering Services Pvt.Ltd. , earlier known as Coburg India is an industrial solutions provider with world class sales, distribution and after sales services that span industries like automotive, machine tools, electronics & instrumentation, forging and foundry, cement, textile, pharmaceuticals, engineering, food processing, chemicals and plastics to name a few.

With more than a decade of invaluable industry experience and an insight into the needs of the customer, Coburg today is a distributor of some of the world’s best cranes, jibs, hoists and accessories, modular pipeline systems for compressed air, both inert and vacuum, and rotary screw compressor, air dryers and air filters. In addition to the distribution of these products and heavy machinery, Coburg provides highly specialised consultancy services and after sales service, necessary for infrastructure development and industrial establishments. Its 100% YoY growth has led to Coburg generating more than Rs.10 crores of business in 2010 alone and is well set to achieve its target of Rs. 25 crores turnover by 2012.

‘Customer first’ has always been the Coburg’s philosophy and its timely, cost-effective delivery of products and after sales service have ensured minimum negative impact on business continuity for its clients. Its many awards as the best industrial solutions provider is testimony to its focus on enhanced and strong customer support and delight.

It is headquartered in Bangalore with offices in Hyderabad and Guntur and has a strength of more than 45 committed employees servicing a customer base extending to markets across India. . Its consistent growth over the years combined with clarity of objectives and timely and effective service has sealed Coburg’s position as the leading distributor, consultant and after sales services provider of industrial solutions in India.