Coburg Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. is a young, dynamic and professionally managed enterprise with a diverse range of engineering products across various industries.
From humble beginnings, Coburg has transformed itself into a growth oriented, value based company of over Rs.10 crores in turnover in a short period of 10 years.

Its ambition of becoming a one-stop shop for industrial services in India is set to take flight, with its foray into manufacturing of industrial products, which is an addition to its existing sales and distribution arm of world-class compressed air distribution systems, compressed air and cranes and accessories.

Introduction of specialised consultants for domain training, streamlined HR processes, regular performance appraisals, team meetings, and a regular incentive and recognition programme for high performing employees alongwith the strong bond and camaraderie that exists among its employees make it a fun, competitive and great place to work.

Their young, diverse and highly talented teams enjoy an open work culture where employees are encouraged to perform, learn and innovate. It is probably the only organization in its sector that participates fully in an employee’s career and ambitions and fuels the spirit of entrepreneurship. Its MIE programme is truly unique and innovative, designed to fulfill the dreams of young, talented, and ambitious workforce to realize their full potential.