Kaeser Compressors
Today, the compressed air needs of industry are mostly provided by rotary screw compressors. This trend is growing among tradesmen, and vindicating this trend are Kaeser rotary screw compressors, which number over 200,000 around the world.

Kaeser compressors is a 90 year old Germany companySpecialist in screw compressors. Wide range of screw compressors (2.2 kw to 450 kw) 100% subsidiary unit in Pune (India)sales and service all over India
      Savings of power about 10 to 115%
Sigma profile
1:1 direct drive
Bigger Airend Running at low rpm
By using EEF1 Class 1 motor
Sigma Control
Radial fan and eco drain valve

Benefits offered by Kaeser Compressor over Competition
Sigma Profile:
4 : 6 Competition 5 : 6 Kaeser
The ratio between male rotor and female rotor is very high
Dynamic balance is badStresses on bearing is very highLife of the bearing is less
The ratio between male rotor and female rotor is low
Dynamic balance is betterStresses on bearings are min…Life of the bearing is longerMore cfm of air for the same power Patented “Sigma” Profile

1:1 Direct Drive:
It is a direct driven Bigger Airend (1:1 drive) ensuring optimum power transmission, long life and stability to the unit. It is also a proven fact that a bigger air end running at lower speed is more efficient when compared to a smaller air end running at a high rpm

Bigger Airend Running at low RPM:
If the airend is bigger so that sufficient amount of cooling it provides and less maintenance

Bigger airend Low RPM Better cooling
More Efficient

Sigma Control:
Robust industrial computer with real time operating system providing fully automatic control & monitoring of the compressor which will display the details for the safety & operational point of view. It allows the compressor to be controlled in 4 different ways to suit the site conditions.

Low Ambient Discharge Temperature:
Compressed air discharge temperature is Amb + 6 deg C.

Noise Level:
The noise level is measured as per PN8NTC 2.3 at 1 meter distance in free field condition is 65 dB (A) for offered machines.

Less Moving Parts:
Less moving parts: This is to reduce frequent breakdowns & down time. No NRV/Check valve at airend and No oil stop valve is required in Kaeser compressors

Longer Maintenance Schedules:
The Oil and the Air/Oil separator cartridge period is more than 6000 hrs.