The Model for Incubating entrepreneurs (MIE)
MIE is a unique proposition developed to help self motivated individuals succeed both professionally and financially, giving them a chance to achieve a sense of accomplishment seldom provided by a job.

Key details:
Coburg India partners with companies and obtains rights to market and sell products in selected markets. The entrepreneur will have complete P/L accountability to grow the product market and achieve sales. Coburg India incubates budding entrepreneurs to create business lines within and existing framework with minimum risk.
Support provided by Coburg:
Fully fitted office space with conference facilities and necessary infrastructure including phones, desk tops, Internet connectivity and secretarial staff in addition to qualified back-office staff including finance, admin and systems. Comprehensive understanding of the market and an established base of over 200 customers who can be used as a starting point to cross- sell new products. Tap into a network of industrial consultants to enable sales. Full support including One on One mentoring for the first 6 months to understand market realities. Base salary in the initial period to mitigate financial risk. Healthy profit sharing agreement on sales of the product.
Advantages of the MIE:
Create and run your own business with full financial benefits Low risk scenario in the initial period and the incubation is backed by an extremely strong delivery and sales model An opportunity to grow a business and to expand
If you wish to join Coburg and be a part of its exciting journey of growth and expansion, write to To learn about the career opportunities available at Coburg, click here.